With funds from the National State, three new buildings will be built for CONICET La Plata centers and institutes

These are the headquarters for the IGEVET and the IFLYSIB, of shared dependency with the UNLP, and the IMBICE, managed together with the local house of studies and the CICPBA

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Future IMBICE building

Following the announcement made days ago by President Alberto Fernández, the National State will promote a financing plan for the National Science and Technology System that implies an investment of 12,046,655,957 pesos for the construction and renovation of 72 CONICET building works in 21 provinces of the country. Within this framework, three centers and institutes dependent on CONICET La Plata will have new headquarters. This is the case of the Institute of Veterinary Genetics “Ing. Fernando Noel Dulout” (IGEVET, CONICET-UNLP); the Institute of Physics of Liquids and Biological Systems (IFLYSIB, CONICET-UNLP); and the Multidisciplinary Institute of Cell Biology (IMBICE, CONICET-UNLP-CICPBA).

The new headquarters of IGEVET and IFLYSIB will be located in the so-called Eastern Platense Forest, behind the university train tracks, a sector that already has numerous buildings of research centers and institutes and faculties of the National University of La Plata (UNLP ). Meanwhile, the new space for IMBICE will be located within the campus of the Commission for Scientific Research of the Province of Buenos Aires (CICPBA), at Camino Centenario and 506, Gonnet.

The IGEVET building will have 1,473 m2, a ground floor and two floors, and will require an investment of more than 300 million pesos. The IFLYSIB will also have three levels, with 1,456 m2 and an investment of 291 million pesos. For its part, the IMBICE will have 1,911 m2 and its work will require an investment of 394 million pesos.

Credit: Press CCT-La Plata